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Chippewa Valley Ukulele Orchstra


Posted: December 6, 2016

The Ukulele Orchestra of Eau Claire is a new way to engage students in learning ukulele and having fun making music with others. Each session features lesson time for both beginning and more advanced students, as well as time for the ensemble to play together. The repertoire is specifically designed to have parts for a variety of skill levels so that everyone can participate.

Regular attendance is encouraged, but not required. Students may start any time, attend when they are able, and join in our performances.

New to ukulele or just want to try it out?
We offer an introductory ukulele lesson with the option of using one of our instruments at the school. The cost is $20 and it can be scheduled at your convenience. The cost of the lesson counts toward your registration fee for the orchestra if you decide to join. Students who have not played ukulele in the past must take an introductory lesson before joining the orchestra.

First meeting: Monday, 16 Jan.
Meets weekly, Mondays from 4:30 to 5:30 pm
Performance: Sat., May 6th
Other performances may be scheduled
Drop-in anytime, attend when you are able

$25 one-time registration fee
$12 drop-in
$30 for a 3-pass punch card (usable any time)
Free for current students of the Eau Claire Music School

4:25 - Tune up
4:30 - Group lesson for beginners (advanced students may practice or arrive later)
4:45 - Orchestra rehearsal
5:15 - Group lesson for advanced students (beginning students may stay and practice)

Age and ability:
We recommend that students be in at least 3rd grade before joining the ensemble. Students must be able to work independently and cooperate with a group of diverse children.

Pre-registration is not required but passes may be purchased in advance here.


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Chippewa Valley Ukulele Orchstra

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Sponsor area youth with promising talent and financial need with a donation to the Eau Claire Music School scholarship program. As you know, learning to play an instrument, and all that goes with it, is a life changing experience. Music students do better in school, are generally happier, and learn self-discipline which carries over to life's other demands.

Our program carefully selects students with the most talent and the greatest likelihood that your investments will reap long term benefits.

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